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Cash App is surging in popularity with millions of people using its platform on a monthly basis. According to Cash App’s statistics, the service reported more than 80 million active users and an incredible amount of nearly 10 billion dollars for the year 2022. 

Cash App is proving to be one of the most successful fintech applications available today. As Cash App continues to climb in popularity and revenue, it has become increasingly important to stay informed of all Cash App’s statistics.

Cash App Statistics: Overview

  • Cash App has over 80 million active users on its platform.
  • Cash App reported a staggering 9.89 billion dollars in for year 2022.

How Many People Use Cash App

TechCrunch reported that Cash App has over 80 million active users on its platform, making it a hugely successful fintech tool. 

Its relatively simple and intuitive user interface, combined with the ability to facilitate quick payments from around the world, has meant gaining an enormous customer base. 

The Cash App’s massive success is a testament to how popular cashless payment systems have become in recent years – a trend we may only expect to continue growing in the future.

Cash App Revenue

Cash App, the popular mobile payment app, recently reported a staggering 9.89 billion dollars in for year 2022. This significant surge in revenue demonstrates Cash App’s widespread use and appeal within the community. 

Not only is the app gaining millions of users each year, but existing users are relying on it more heavily as an indispensable tool. 

Cash App provides an easy way to send and receive money quickly and securely, ultimately leading to its impressive financial success. It is clear that digital payments are here to stay, as Cash App proves with its record-breaking profits.

Cash App User Demographics

According to’s recent user statistics, over 60% of the people using their service are men, while nearly 40% are women. What’s more, the majority of users fall within the 25 to 34 year old age range. 

Source: Similarweb

This data implies that is a popular and widely used payment platform amongst young adults in particular. With continued use and innovative updates to their existing service, they are sure to reach a wider audience of all ages in the future.

Cash App Active Users

TechCrunch reported that Cash App has been taking off in recent months.

The app now boasts 80 million annual active users on its platform–a huge accomplishment for the increasingly popular mobile payment service. This means more individuals and companies are turning to Cash App to transfer their funds quickly and easily. 

That’s a lot of people who can now take advantage of fast, secure payments and reap the benefits of a great user experience.

How Does Cash App Make Money

Cash App has a lot of different ways it makes money. Whenever businesses accept payments through Cash App, a fee of 2.75% is taken from each transaction as payment for the service. Also, when individual users need to get their Cash App balance into their bank accounts quickly, they pay an extra fee ranging from 0.5%-1.75%. 

On top of that, sending money with a credit card will cost an additional 3%, and if you want to buy or sell Bitcoin on the app there are fees there too. Finally, using a Cash Card to withdraw cash from ATMs will also incur charges. All in all, Cash App can really add up!

Is Cash App Safe

Cash App is a popular payment platform and can be convenient to use, but it’s worth noting that there are some security concerns. The good news is that it has encryptions in place to secure your transactions, as well as a PIN code and Touch ID authentication. 

It also uses sophisticated technology to detect frauds before they occur. When using the app though, you should always remember that your balance isn’t federally insured like a bank account so don’t keep too much of your money in there. 

Additionally, never share your PIN or other personal information if somebody calls you or sends an email or text asking for it – Cash App will never contact you like this. 

There may be fees associated with certain services such as expedited transfers, credit card payments, Bitcoin transactions and ATM withdrawals, so check with the app first if you’re unsure.

Cash App Vs Venmo Users

It seems that more people are caught up in the cashless revolution; and two of the most trendy options in mobile payments are Cash App and Venmo.

Cash App, although smaller when it comes to user base, has been gaining momentum quickly; it now has a huge 44 million users. 

On the other hand, Venmo boasts an even bigger figure with 78 million users. The digital payment landscape is surely shaking things up, with no clear winner yet and both apps having their pros and cons.

In any case, these two players have felt the hype around mobile payments and have featured prominently in recent times.

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