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I like the Dosh app and I hope you will like it too. 

So, you are looking for a Dosh referral code to earn the sign up bonus. Right????

Does Dosh have a referral code?

Yes, As of March 2023, Dosh referral code is “MOSTPM1”. To get the dosh sign up bonus, make sure to enter the referral code and link debit or credit card to earn the referral bonus. 

Here is the hard truth: Dosh only offers a $1 sign up bonus once you link your cards. But it has lots of offers which is great. 

Tips: If you want to get more sign up bonuses and save more on shopping, I recommend you to try the Ibotta app which offers a $10 sign up bonus once you use this “KVYWOSC“ referral code and submit your first receipts.

And if you’re wondering whether you can earn and save money with Dosh, here’s a screenshot of my account to prove that it does.

What is Dosh Referral Code

Dosh referral code “MOSTPM1″ is a unique referral code to earn a sign up bonus with the Dosh app. After you sign up with Dosh, make sure to link your debit or credit cards to earn the bonus. 

Dosh Referral Code

The bonus amount is $1 dollars but if you refer your friend, for each referral, you will receive a $10 bonus. 

So what is Dosh app?

The Dosh app, which offers automatic cash back rewards for purchases made with linked debit or credit cards. With over 100,000 participating merchants, including local restaurants and popular retailers, Dosh makes it easy to earn cash back on everyday purchases.

Getting started with Dosh is simple. Download the app and securely link your debit or credit cards. From there, browse the available offers at various stores and restaurants, and start shopping. 

Cash back rewards will automatically be deposited into your Dosh wallet, which can then be transferred to your bank account or PayPal, or donated to charity.

Dosh Referral Program

One of the best parts about Dosh is that it offers a referral program that pays you for inviting your friends to join the app. By sharing your unique referral code, you can earn cash back rewards for every friend who signs up and makes a qualifying purchase with their linked card.

The more friends you refer, the more cash back rewards you can earn.

Security features of Dosh app, including SSL encryption and two-factor authentication

Dosh also takes security seriously, using bank-level encryption and multi-factor authentication to protect your information. 

When signing up for the app, you will be asked to provide a phone number, which will be used to send a code for two-factor authentication. 

This added layer of security helps ensure that your account and personal information remain safe from unauthorized access.

Automatic cash back without the need to scan receipts or select offers

While other cash back apps may require additional steps like selecting offers or scanning receipts, Dosh simplifies the process by offering automatic rewards for linked card purchases.

This makes it a great option for those who want to earn cash back without having to remember to activate offers or scan receipts.

It’s worth noting that not all stores and restaurants participate in the Dosh program, so it’s a good idea to check the app before making a purchase to ensure that you will receive cash back rewards. 

Additionally, while the app does offer a wide range of participating merchants, it may not be the best option for those who frequently shop at smaller, independent retailers.

Dosh Alternative And More Sign Up Bonus

Let’s take a look at three of the most popular alternatives: Ibotta, Fetch Rewards, and Cash App.


Ibotta is a cash-back app that allows users to earn rewards when they shop at stores like Walmart, Target, Kroger and more. 

You simply download the Ibotta app and search for available discounts and offers on products you plan to purchase. 

When you make your purchase, you scan the barcode of your item with the app and upload your receipt to verify your purchase and get cash back in your account.

You can check the full rule on ibotta receipts here.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is another great option for those looking for an alternative to the Dosh cash back app. Fetch Rewards works similarly to Ibotta but it has a few key differences. 

Instead of scanning individual items with the Fetch Rewards app, you simply upload an entire grocery receipt after making your purchases which then gets scanned by their algorithm and converted into points redeemable as gift cards or cash rewards from participating retailers or restaurants. 

The points earned through Fetch Rewards never expire  as long as your account is not inactive for 90 days. 

Cash App

Cash App is another great option when it comes to earning cash back on purchases. With Cash App, users can link their debit card or bank account directly to the app and use it as their primary payment method when shopping online or in person at various retailers or restaurants including Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Lyft, DoorDash, Taco Bell and more.

 When using Cash App as your payment method at these retailers you will automatically receive cashback on all qualifying purchases and deducted from your Cash cards.  

Plus, if you refer friends who sign up using your referral code you will also receive an additional $5 to $30 bonus for each friend who joins. 

Last Word

Overall, Dosh is a great way to earn cash back on everyday purchases, and the referral program makes it even more rewarding. 

By sharing your referral code with friends and family, you can earn cash back rewards while helping others save money on their own purchases. 

With its simple interface, wide range of participating merchants, and strong security measures, Dosh is definitely worth considering for anyone looking to earn extra cash while shopping.


Is Dosh app legit?

Dosh is a completely legitimate app that offers cash back rewards to its members. The app uses secure encryption technology, 256 secure bytes, to protect users’ personal and financial information. The Dosh app offers a range of payment options, including PayPal and prepaid Visa debit cards, allowing users to choose the payment method that best suits their needs.

The app also provides various ways for users to earn additional cashback rewards, such as referring friends to the app. The referral rewards can range from $10 to $20, depending on the promotion available at the time. Users can also earn cashback rewards by booking hotels through the app, with some users reporting getting back as much as $100 or more on their travels.

The Dosh app is supported by a range of well-known stores, such as Forever 21, where users can earn 5% cashback on their purchases (It depends on the promotion period). The app also provides a $1 dollar bonus for linking a bank account, making it easy for users to get started with the app.

So, the Dosh app is a totally legitimate app that offers users a simple and easy way to earn cashback rewards on their everyday purchases.

What is a Dosh referral code and how does it work?

A Dosh referral codeMOSTPM1” is a unique code that you can share with your friends and family to invite them to join the Dosh cashback app. When you sign up using my referral code and link a card, you and me both earn a cash bonus.

How do I get a Dosh referral code?

To get a Dosh referral code, you need to have an active Dosh account. Once you have an account, you can access your referral code in the app by tapping the “Refer Friends” button in the menu.

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