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Are you looking to earn some extra cash while shopping online or in stores? I know that the price of everything has skyrocketed in recent days. 

Well, now you can use the fetch rewards app to save money while you are shopping. 

But, does Fetch Rewards offer referral code to earn a sign up bonus?


As of March 2023, Fetch Rewards referral code is UB18YF. You can enter this code on the Fetch app and submit any receipts to qualify for a 2000 points bonus. 

Note: Fetch referral code 2023 offers a maximum of 2000 points sign up bonus but you can earn up to 5000 points by just snapping a few receipts. My referral code is going to give you the maximum bonus.

If you want more sign up bonus, then use the ibotta referral code to earn a $10 bonus.

What is Fetch Rewards Referral Code

Fetch rewards referral code UB18YF is a unique Fetch referral code that allows you to earn extra bonus points during the signup process. 

Fetch Rewards Referral Code 2023

To get started with Fetch Rewards, download the app from your app store. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to create an account. 

Enter your name, email address, and password. The app will then ask for your birthday, gender, state, and phone number. This information helps to maximize your savings and ensure compliance with local laws.

After completing your account setup, you’ll be prompted to enter a referral code. If you have a referral code, enter it to receive additional rewards. 

If you don’t have one, you can use the code UB18YF to earn an extra two dollars when you download the app and scan your first receipt.

How to earn the Fetch Rewards Points

When you open the Fetch Rewards app, you’ll see a list of available offers. These offers change frequently, so you’ll want to check back often to see what’s available. 

You can sort the offers by most recent, category, or expiration date.

Let’s say you’re interested in purchasing Scott tissue, which has an offer for 1500 points back. Click on the offer to see additional information, including the valid dates and the number of points you’ll earn. 

To claim the points, simply click on the yellow camera icon to take a picture of your receipt. Once you’ve taken the picture, submit it through the app. 

You’ll receive your points within a few hours.

If you’re not purchasing a specific item with an offer, you can still earn points by scanning any grocery receipt. You’ll receive points for every receipt you scan, even if there are no specific offers on the receipt.

About Fetch Rewards Referral Codes and Program

Now, let’s talk about using a referral code. When you sign up for Fetch Rewards with a referral code, you’ll earn additional rewards. 

In the case of the code UB18YF, you’ll earn an extra 3 dollars when you download the app and scan your first receipt (the bonus amount can vary). 

This is a great way to jump-start your rewards earnings.

To use a referral code, enter it on the screen that asks for it during the account setup process. The code will be applied to your account, and you’ll earn additional rewards when you scan your first receipt.

Sharing Your Fetch Rewards Referral Code

If you want to share your referral code with other people, there are a number of options available. 

Simply show the code to anyone who is signing up for the program or use the ‘Share’ option within the app. 

This will allow you to send it via text message, email, or social media. Spreading the word about your referral code has its own rewards and is an easy way to make extra bonuses from the referral program.


Fetch Rewards is one of the easiest and convenient ways to earn gift cards and other rewards just by scanning your grocery receipts or any online purchase. 

With so many offers and the ability to scan any receipt, you’ll quickly accumulate lots of rewards.  And with a referral code, you can earn additional rewards from the moment you start using the app. 

So what are you waiting for? Download Fetch Rewards today and start earning!


How do you get 10000 points on fetch rewards?

Getting 10,000 points on Fetch Rewards is a great way to make $10 dollars.

The easiest way to earn them is by using referral codes – these will instantly provide you with points. You should also ensure that you redeem the biggest offer available for your Fetch Rewards app. 

Also, referring friends to Fetch Rewards allows users to gain additional points. You share your referral code in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to earn the referral point quickly.   

Aside from that, there are other apps like iBotta and Dosh that let you earn money while shopping or visiting hotels. 

This can all combine to help you reach your goal of 10,000 rewards points quickly and easily.

What are the best referral codes for Fetch Rewards?

If you want the most rewarding experience with Fetch Rewards, the best referral code for Fetch Rewards is UB18YF. 

This code will help you get the most points and the best rewards from the Fetch  app.

How many bonus points will I receive if I use the Fetch Rewards Referral Code?

You will receive 2,000 points when you sign up with a referral code. Note, the bonus amount varies depending on the promotion period.

As a referrer, you will also receive 2,000 to 3500 bonus points for each successful referral. These points can be redeemed for gift cards and other rewards within the app.

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