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Fetch Rewards are making a big impression in the grocery savings app market. 

With over 5 million daily active users and more than 17 million monthly users, it’s no surprise why customers keep returning to the app to save on their groceries. 

It’s easy, fast, and always provides great deals every day. From saving on your favorite snacks to saving money on healthy produce, Fetch Rewards is quickly becoming one of the top apps for grocery savings.

Let’s look at some important fetch rewards statistics to find out the true state of the fetch rewards app. 

Fetch Rewards Statistics Overview

  • Fetch Rewards have an impressive 5 million daily active users.
  • Over 17 million people use Fetch Rewards on a monthly basis.
  • In May 2022, the Fetch Rewards app was downloaded over 1.3 million times by App and Play store users in the United States.
  • Users submitted over 2 billion receipts, earning over $340 million in rewards points.
  • It has a valuation of $2.5 billion.
  • Fetch Rewards now has more than $100 billion in actionable GMV across US retail sales.
  • Fetch Rewards has a nearly evenly split of 49.07% male and 50.93% female.

Fetch Rewards Daily Active Users

According to Fetch Rewards recent press release, they have an impressive 5 million daily active users. This is a huge milestone and testament to their exceptional app and rewards program. 

This loyalty program gives users the opportunity to save money on groceries and earn rewards every time they shop. It also makes shopping incredibly simple and convenient, which is what draws users from all over in record numbers. 

With each passing day, Fetch Rewards continues to skyrocket with more users coming back for its exclusive offers, discounts, and rewards.

Fetch Rewards Monthly Active Users

According to a recent press release from Fetch Rewards, the app is gaining traction, with an increase in monthly active users. 

The loyalty rewards and savings platform now has more than 17 million people using it each month, which demonstrates just how widely accepted and popular their services have become. 

Together with its easy-to-use interface, Fetch Rewards is a great option for anyone looking to save on their everyday purchases.

Fetch Rewards Valuation

CBinsights recently reported that Fetch Rewards, a mobile-first surprise savings platform, had achieved a valuation of $2.5 billion this April. 

This is a major milestone in the company’s history and shows how well they have been doing since launching in 2014. With their innovative offerings and dedicated customer base, Fetch Rewards is positioning itself as the go-to choice for those looking to save money while shopping. 

Fetch Rewards Revenue

According to Growjo reported data, Fetch Rewards’ annual revenue is a staggering $84.4M per year. 

Fetch Rewards has gained positive attention and recognition as one of the most successful companies, through its innovative business model and commitment to delivering excellent services. 

And considering their current success, they may still grow further.

Fetch Rewards Audience Demographics

Similarweb recently reported that the audience demographics of Fetch Rewards is a nearly even split of 49.07% male and 50.93% female.

Source: Similarweb

Although this statistic may come as a surprise, the largest age group of visitors is unsurprisingly those from 25-34 years old. 

Regardless, it’s head-turning to see such an even split in gender representation among online shoppers, especially for such a specific demographic.

Is Fetch Rewards Publicly Traded

Although Fetch Rewards is a leader in providing rewards for shoppers around the world, it is not publicly traded. This means that although individuals cannot buy shares of Fetch Rewards, the company still offers great incentives for shoppers who love to save. 

For example, you can search through the shop’s massive inventory selection and use their rewards program to earn gifts and points for free items. 

Familiarizing yourself with Fetch Rewards and their various benefits is well worth your time.


What are some of the brand partners of Fetch Rewards app?

Fetch Rewards app has hundreds of brand partners in various categories, such as groceries, beauty, restaurants, and snacks. Some of the popular brand partners include:

  • Pepsi
  • Kraft
  • Heinz
  • Dove
  • Taco Bell
  • Starbucks
  • Doritos
  • M&M’S®

You can earn points on your purchases from these brands and redeem them for gift cards.

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