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Are you tired of spending hours searching for the best deals and discounts on your favorite products? Then, consider the Ibotta Browser Extension. 

This powerful tool streamlines your shopping experience, allowing you to save time and money with just a few clicks over 2000 retailers. With the Ibotta browser extension, you can easily compare prices, find coupons, and earn cashback rewards on your purchases. 

Say goodbye to the hassle of shopping and hello to smarter, more efficient shopping with the Ibotta Browser Extension.

Ibotta Browser Extension in Action: Shop Smarter, Not Harder

How to Use the Ibotta Browser Extension to Get Cashback Online

To use the Ibotta browser extension to get cashback online, follow these steps:

1. Download the Ibotta browser extension for Chrome from the Chrome Web Store.

2. Log in to your Ibotta account.

Log in to your Ibotta account

3. Shop online like you normally would at any of the 2,000+ retailers that offer cash back through Ibotta.

4. The browser extension will notify you if there is cashback available for a particular retailer or product. 

5. Click “Activate” to earn cashback on your purchase.

6. Once you have earned $20 in cashback, you can withdraw it directly to your bank account, gift cards, PayPal or Venmo.

The Ibotta browser extension is available only on Google Chrome. It can read key product information to let you know when cashback is available for retailers or products. On some supported retailer websites, the extension will detect if you’ve reached an Order Confirmation page.

Ibotta offers cashback on purchases made through its app and website as well as through its browser extension. You can earn cashback on purchases made at more than 750 online retailers, including concert and movie tickets, food delivery, and more.

How Ibotta Browser Extension Works

Here are some tips and tricks for using the Ibotta browser extension:

  • Install the extension on your preferred browser.
  • Use it to earn cash back at online retailers
  • The extension will calculate and show you the net price of an item after earning cash back.
  • Look for item availability and price alerts.

The Benefits of Using Ibotta Browser Extension for Your Online Shopping

The Ibotta browser extension is a free tool that helps you save money while shopping online. It is available on Google Chrome and can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. 

The extension allows you to earn cash back at over 2,000 retailers when you shop on your computer. You can also compare prices and set price drop alerts all from one helpful tool. 

Once you hit $20 in earnings, you can withdraw your cash straight to your bank account.

The Ibotta browser extension works by reading key product information to let you know when cash back is available for retailers or products. 

On some supported retailer websites, the extension will detect if you’ve reached an Order Confirmation page.

The Ibotta browser extension is a new way to earn cash back at online retailers, including grocery pickup and delivery services.. If you regularly shop online with your computer, especially at stores where you have a loyalty membership, installing the Ibotta browser extension would be beneficial for saving money. 

CNBC included Ibotta in their list of 5 Browser Extensions That Help You Save Money[5]. The Ibotta app or browser extension can be used to earn cash back when shopping at hundreds of online retailers, food delivery services, travel sites, and more.

Ibotta Browser Extension vs. Mobile App: Which is Better for You?

Ibotta is a cashback app that offers users lucrative cash-back rewards for every purchase they make. It is available as both a browser extension and mobile app. 

The Ibotta Browser Extension was overhauled in 2020 to make finding cash back and saving online even easier with a simplified design. 

The Ibotta Browser Extension for Chrome features some valuable cash back offers at popular online retailers, including grocery pickup and delivery. It’s free and easy to use. Your earnings are deposited into your Ibotta account and can be redeemed beginning at $20. The browser extension works differently depending on where you make your purchase. For example, if you shop at participating grocery pickup and delivery retailers, you can activate cash-back offers and clip digital coupons to get cash back on purchases.

The Ibotta mobile app also allows users to earn cashback rewards by shopping at participating retailers. Users can activate cash-back offers before shopping or scan their receipts after shopping to earn rewards. The app also has a feature called “Pay with Ibotta” that allows users to pay for purchases directly through the app using linked debit or credit cards.

Whether the browser extension or mobile app is better for an individual depends on their personal preferences. 

If they prefer shopping on their computer, then the browser extension may be more convenient for them. 

If they prefer shopping on their phone or want access to additional features like “Pay with Ibotta,” then the mobile app may be better suited for them.

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